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McANA serves Neighborhood Organizations throughout Indianapolis and Marion County.  Founded in 1990, we try to faithfully voice the concerns and aspirations of residents in how Indianapolis grows and how it is governed.   Through this website, we hope to communicate with our members and the entire community.  We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to better provide you with the information you need to make your Neighborhood a better place to live.



For many months, MCANA and neighborhood leaders from all across the county have been expressing concerns about the Comprehensive Plan process. We waited for a lengthy period of time for the long overdue review to take place and then, when the City finally started moving forward, it seems like the time frame is an extremely compressed that does allow a sufficient amount of time for public input and that the system for identifying land use categories is so broad that prohibits neighborhoods from prescribing a unique and specific vision for the future of their community.


After months of expressing concerns about the “Pattern Book” (the system for creating land use categories on the Comprehensive Plan maps for each township) which was adopted by the Metropolitan Development Commission last year, MCANA representatives were finally able to meet directly with Mayor Hogsett earlier this month to express our concerns about the process and the Pattern Book.


However, in order to have an impact that could truly change what is happening with the Comprehensive Plan, we need individual neighborhoods to speak up to further demonstrate that concerns are widespread and shared by both urban and suburban areas across the County. We also encourage individual citizens to speak out in favor of holding a larger number of public meetings, breaking the permitted land use categories into less broad densities and with fewer uses in each category and creating boundaries for the review areas that are smaller and take into account corridors or areas that have unique development pressures and may require additional time.


Please send a letter or email to the Mayor expressing your concerns by April 15th and also send copies to: Emily Mack, Director, Department of Metropolitan Development (; Jeff Bennett, Deputy Mayor of Community Development (; Thomas.Cook, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office ( .


Below is the text of the letter sent by MCANA to the Mayor after our meeting with him:

The Honorable Mayor Joseph Hogsett

Office of the Mayor

City of Indianapolis

25th Floor, City County Building

Indianapolis, IN 46204


March 23, 2018


Dear Mayor Hogsett,


Thank you, and your staff, for meeting with Dr. Pat Andrews and me on March 14 about our concerns with the current Comprehensive Plan Review process. I realize that your time is always at a premium and we hope you understand how critical this Review and its outcomes are to our neighborhoods’ ability to effect and guide positive, long-term development.


At the conclusion of our meeting, you asked a very appropriate question – “What do you want from me?” Having given that question considerable thought, we wanted to clarify what long-term and short-term steps we would like the City to take:


SHORT-TERM (for the current initiative)


a. Increase the number of single family density categories to decrease the breadth of scope in each category

b. Increase the number of multi family density categories to decrease the breadth of scope in each category

c. Eliminate the overlay uses that allow multiple alternative uses in residential areas


a. Assign specific uses with specific intensities to parcels

b. Increase the number of in-person public meetings

c. Divide the boundaries of the review areas (currently defined by MNA districts) to allow sufficient attention to detail and community needs/desires

d. Allocate additional resources to conduct an appropriately detailed and robust procedure



1) As part of “Standard Operating Procedures”, regular reviews of the Comprehensive Plan should be expected and scheduled – no less than every ten years. This will allow adjustments in development options while still preserving the community’s vision for their neighborhood.

2) Budget sufficient resources (personnel, funding and time) to accommodate a robust community input process using multiple outreach and information platforms.


The Comprehensive Plan serves as a basis for all zoning and land use decisions. As such, it is a document critical to citizens’ ability to effectively engage in the governance process and share in the vision for the future of their community. We hope that you will carefully consider the above suggestions as a way to restore the public faith.



Catherine A. Burton, President

Contact: (317)847-9959




WHEN: April 21, 2018

TIME: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

WHERE: North United Methodist Church (northwest corner of Meridian and 38th Street)


SPEAKER: SPEAKER: APRIL 21 - Ian Nicolini - BuildIndy Initiative with the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Nicolini will talking about their role in bringing new businesses to Indianapolis and their working relationship with the City as well as how neighborhoods can participate in the process.


NEXT MEETING: May 19 2018


Please remember to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the food pantry at North United Methodist


Let your City County Councillors and Mayor's Neighborhood Advocates know how much we appreciate Channel 16 covering the MCANA meetings



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