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 Knocking on Doors in Your Community
by Ryan Camp
[Field Canvas Director, Hoosier Environmental Council]

As many of you know, Hoosier Environmental Council Action Fund has been canvassing door to door for quite a few years now, and that we are leading the fight to protect and conserve our beautiful state for the health and recreational use of generations to come. Door to door canvassing is a cornerstone of the work we do, and gives citizens of our state the chance to raise their voices on issues they would not otherwise get the chance to vote.

Currently we are focusing our outreach efforts on the reduction of Indiana's mercury emissions, as we are the fourth largest polluters of this neurotoxin in our country, and have been advised to limit or completely avoid eating our fish. Seeing as we have the technology to eliminate 90% of our mercury emissions, at a cost to ratepayers of $2 or less on their monthly bill, it is time to act.

I sincerely hope that when our canvassers arrive at your doorstep that they are met with a warm reception, as the warmth in their heart for our state's beauty and our resident's health is undoubtedly what keeps them marching through Indiana winters.

I would also like to send out a heads up to all Neighborhood Association Presidents to expect my call. A community announcement (simply stating who we are and what we do) a week or two before our arrival at the door would greatly improve our reception. Some of the biggest problems we run into at the door are folks simply afraid that it is a scam, and folks living in "no soliciting" neighborhoods disbelieving our right to be at their door.

For your individual support on this effort, I would be much obliged.

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