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McANA takes position on ICC toll road and funding I-69 through Perry Township

Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council Resolution Against I-69 Through Perry Township (2/05)   (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Bloomington City Council Resolution Opposing the Routing of I-69 Through Bloomington (9/04)    (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)  large file

Pat Andrews' Indy Star Focus article on I-69 (7/04)

McANA & HEC Respond to Chambers' I-69 Comments (4/04)

Eric Miller against route 3c for I-69 (2/04)

Senator Lawrence Borst's comments on I-69 FEIS (2/04)  (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Greg Dixon Comments on I-69 in Letter to Southside Times (12/03)

Greg Jordan Opposes I-69 Through Perry Township (12/03)

InDOT Commissioner Nicol's reply to McANA's I-69 comments (2/04) (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Pat Andrews' comments on I-69 FEIS errors (2/04)

Norm Pace Testifies before the MDC on I-69 (8/03)

Cathy Burton's Letter to the Star about Commissioner Nicol's comments on the I-69 meeting in Perry (8/03)

Pat Andrews' Letter to the Star about Commissioner Nicol's comments on the I-69 meeting in Perry (7/03)

Pat Andrews' Letter to the Star about the I-69 meeting in Perry (7/03)

Cathy Burton's Letter to the Star regarding Mayor Peterson and I-69 (6/03)

McANA Denounces Governor’s Choice for I-69 (1/03)



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Fast Facts:

The Common Sense Route (I-70 / US41) costs $1,000,000,000 less, causes far less environmental damage, plows under far fewer homes & businesses, and would only take 12 more minutes in a 3 hour drive than route 3c (that would go through Perry Township).

Perry Township stands to lose $100 million - $200 million in tax base.  The current property tax revenue generated on a conservative 300 foot wide swath (very conservative given an 8-lane freeway is being considered) amounted to $1 million this year.  This does not include tax revenues from the apartment complex and other new businesses and homes built in this path since last year.

The poorest Counties in Indiana would be served by the Common Sense Route, and avoided by route 3c.

"Economic Development in one part of the state must not be furthered at the expense of another."  Julia Carson, US Congresswoman from District 7 - in letter to Governor O'Bannon (9/29/02)

"All Hoosiers may wish to discuss the priority of such expenditures and the probability of potential public and private economic gains at a time of extraordinary national security, health care, Social Security and education needs in Indiana and throughout our country."  Richard Lugar, US Senator from Indiana - in comments to the Associated Press, reflecting on the costs projected for route 3c (1/9/03)

"However, I-69 is arguably the biggest fiscal issue facing the state at this time.  Because of the extreme cost, this project should be evaluated in the context of funding for other worthy programs."  Dr. Larry Borst, Indiana State Senator from District 36 - in letter to the Southside Times (10/30/03)

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CONSTITUTIONAL CONFLICT:  Legal Review Concludes that Major Moves Legislation Violates Indiana Constitution    Press Release (3/10/06)
Full Report and Legal Analysis
(pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

The Case For Prop 647 - Opposing I-69 Through Perry Township (11/04)   (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

I-69 Truth Squad

I-69 Costs Clearly Outweigh Benefits Study Shows HEC (2/04)

McANA's Official comments on I-69 Final Environmental Impact Statement (2/04) (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Senator Larry Borst's analysis of economic impact of route 3c (10/30/03)

The Case Against I-69 New Terrain :: McANA and HEC authored "Indianapolis Community Report to the Metropolitan Development Commission" (8/18/03) (pdf - requires Acrobat Reader)

Getting the Most Bang for the Buck: Cost-Benefit Analyses for the Proposed I-69 Highway  HEC (7/03)

National I-69 Would Be Longer Than Existing Interstates CountUs (7/03)

94% of I-69 Comments Oppose New Terrain Route HEC (4/03)

 “Re-evaluation of the Benefits and Costs of the Proposed Southwest Indiana Highway” --  Neal Johnson, Ph.D. (5/97)

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